Gluten Free Pizza? Beware of Cross-Contamination

Posted on January 22, 2015 at 4:52pm by

Pizza Hut just announced it is introducing gluten-free pizza.  That may seem counterintuitive considering the importance of the pizza crust, but gluten-free pizza has been around for many years and is found extensively throughout Italy.  Gluten-free flour is available in most grocery stores.  The potential concern is the risk of cross-contamination.  Does the restaurant use a dedicated gluten-free kitchen, gluten-free pots and pans, and gluten free utensils?  Does the restaurant staff wear gloves or are they dedicated to the gluten-free side of the house?  Does the staff truly understand the importance of avoiding cross-contamination?images

If you suffer from Celiac disease and you accidentally eat food containing gluten due to cross-contamination in the restaurant kitchen, contact our firm today to discuss your legal rights.

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