Have You Blown or are You Thinking of Blowing the Whistle on Your Employer or the Government?

Miami Litigation Attorney Matthew Seth Sarelson Can Protect Your Rights

Picture of Office Workers Matthew Seth Sarelson, P.A. provides legal support to whistleblowers in the private, publically traded, government and airline sectors. In one of our firm’s most notable cases, Pinder v. Bahamasair, a federal judge ruled that a foreign airline wrongfully terminated our client for whistleblowing. With this ruling, which appears to have been the first of its kind in Florida, Miami litigation lawyer Matthew Seth Sarelson established a new standard for whistleblower litigation in the state.

Private Sector Whistleblowers

When private sector employees refuse to participate in or object to an employer’s illegal activities, state law protects these whistleblowers from termination or retaliation, and certain federal statutes offer protection to private sector employees, such as the OSHA Whistleblower Protection Program. Experienced Miami litigation attorney Matthew Seth Sarelson can help a private sector employee who knows his or her employer is breaking the law determine the best way to confront that employer. For those employees who have already lost their jobs or suffered retaliation for whistleblower activities, our litigation firm can pursue legal action on the whistleblower’s behalf.

Publically Traded Sector Whistleblowers

Employees working for a publically traded corporation and those who work for a company that services a publically traded corporation, such as an accounting firm, are protected when they blow the whistle on corporate fraud and abuse. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 specifically prevents a publically traded corporation from discharging, demoting, suspending, threatening, harassing or in any other way discriminating against a whistleblower. Matthew Seth Sarelson, P.A. can help employees in the publically traded sector protect their rights when they decide to blow the whistle on corporate fraud or abuse, and our firm will litigate on behalf of those whistleblowers who have experienced retaliation.

Public/Government Sector Whistleblowers

The Whistleblower Protection Act (WPA) protects federal employees who report illegal or improper government activities, and Florida’s whistleblower act similarly protects state employees. In fact, part of the WPA’s stated intent is to help prevent wrongdoing within the government by strengthening the protection afforded to federal whistleblowers. Matthew Seth Sarelson, P.A. can help government workers at all levels protect their rights when they blow the whistle on government wrongdoing, and our firm will fight to redress discrimination or retaliation.

Airline Employees

A specific federal statute known as AIR-21 protects airline employees who blow the whistle. This legislation prevents air carriers and their contractors and subcontractors from discriminating or retaliating against employees who report safety law or regulation violations. Our firm successfully obtained a summary judgment in district court upholding that Bahamasair wrongfully terminated our client, a long-time airline employee who reported safety violations to the Transportation Security Administration.

False Claims Act / Qui Tam

The qui tam provision of the False Claims Act allows citizens to sue for recovery of stolen funds when they have knowledge that a government contractor or other institution that received government money submitted inflated, false or fraudulent bills to the government. Matthew Seth Sarelson, P.A. can advise individuals who possess knowledge of questionable government billing as to whether they may have a case under the False Claims Act.

Employees who are considering blowing the whistle on their employer or who have experienced discrimination or retaliation for acting as a whistleblower can contact our firm to discuss their rights under state and federal law.

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