Miami Class Action Attorney Matthew Seth Sarelson

Setting a New Standard with Quality Legal Pleadings

Picture of Courthouse Most prospective clients would never ask to see the work product of a lawyer they are considering hiring. They frequently hire lawyers based on five-minute conversations, or “I know a guy” or “this is my cousin.” At Matthew Seth Sarelson, P.A., we show what we actually do. Miami litigation lawyer Matthew Seth Sarelson encourages prospective clients to review his work product and see for themselves the standard they can expect when they hire our firm.

Legal Pleadings Filed By Attorney Matthew Seth Sarelson

Matthew’s passion for the law can be seen in the effective legal briefs and motions that he prepares. His polished work product sets a new standard for the quality of pleadings that litigation and class action attorneys file nationwide.

Investment Fraud Lawsuit (Class Action)

Deceptive Trade Practices Lawsuit

Employment Discrimination, FMLA and Overtime Law Cases

Inmate Rights

We encourage you to view the work product of other law firms and ask other potential attorneys to show you their files. Success as an attorney has many facets. Courtroom presence and legal insight are very important, but quality of writing and workmanship can be the difference between starting your case off on the right foot and having problems from the beginning.

At Matthew Seth Sarelson, P.A., clients receive the personal attention afforded by working with a smaller firm, while also benefitting from our quality legal pleadings, which match or exceed the work product that larger firms offer. To learn more about Miami class action attorney Matthew Seth Sarelson and the work product he delivers, contact our firm today.

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